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A. Degree Program

The undergraduate joint training project means that after our university and foreign universities sign a formal cooperation agreement, the two universities recognize each other's credits, and the students will be awarded corresponding degrees after they meet the graduation requirements of their respective schools.

The degree programs CUP currently offer include 2+2 & 2+1+2 DUAL Bachelor’s Degree Program, the 3+1+1, 4+3 and 3+3 Bachelor’s and Master’s Accelerated Degree Program.

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B.National Public Graduate Program

The national public graduate program was officially launched by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance, and the National Council for Studying Abroad in 2007.

As the first batch of contracted universities of the National Science and Technology Commission, China University of Petroleum, Beijing began to implement the country in 2007 In the public graduate program, as of the end of 2019, the school has sent a total of 890 students to study abroad, including 293 doctoral students and 594 doctoral students.

C.Exchange Student Program

According to our school and several domestic and foreign institutions of higher learning signed academic cooperation and student exchange agreements, the two sides agreed to send a number of students to each other's school to study. The exchange study time is limited to half a school year, and our school determines the courses that students learn according to the school training plans of both parties. After the study, the credits can be transferred back to our school.

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